ESD 2017

From 06/19/2017 to 06/22/2017

Lyon - France


Recent progress in electrostatic storage devices for ion beams give access to new experiments for research on large and small molecules and atomic clusters. The advantages of using stored ion beam are to perform experiment with molecules at very low internal energy, without mass limitation and with a precise velocity of ion beam. Furthermore, new opportunities arise for employing laser sources or synchrotron radiation light in a wide spectral range, for merged-beam collision experiments and advanced particle detection techniques. Thus, these techniques give access to the new and precise experiments on internal rearrangements in complex atomic-scale systems, dynamics of complex biomolecular, processes in interstellar spaces or in fields such as mass spectrometry (Megadalton).

Following these developments, a special International Workshops series on Electrostatic Storage Devices were held in Eilat, Israel (2005), Stockholm, Sweden (2007), Aarhus, Denmark (2009), Gatlinburg, USA (2011), Heidelberg Germany (2013) and Tokyo Japan (2015); ( In the line of the previous meetings, the 7th LYON Workshop ESD 2017 will be devoted to progress in the development of electrostatic ring and trap instruments and experimental research using these devices.

Energetic Processing of Large Molecules – EpoLM-3
Toulouse (14-16 June 2017)

In order to facilitate attendance at both meetings, the ESD Workshop has been scheduled for the week after the EpoLM-3 meeting to be held June 14-16, 2017 in Toulouse, FRANCE, just over 1 hour from Lyon by plane or 4 hours by TGV.