ESD 2017

Du 19/06/2017 au 22/06/2017

Lyon - France


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Electrostatic storage ring and trap

General: Atomic, molecular, cluster ions in interaction with electrons, photons, atoms and molecules.

Scientific topics
- Mass spectroscopy using electrostatic ring and trap
- Macromolecular fragmentation and spectroscopy
- Internal rearrangements and energy transfer in complex atomic-scale systems
- Molecular processes in atmospheric, astrophysical research
- Ionic reactions
- Large molecules and clusters

Technical topics
- Merged beams experiments with store ions
- Sources of cold molecular ions
- Advanced multihit detector/detector for low energy particles (ions/neutrals)
- Progress and challenges in ESD development and related physics
- Low energy ion storage technics

Preliminary list of invited speakers

O. Vendrell (Denmark): Ultrafast molecular dynamics

M.Wolf (Sweden): Stability studies of hydrogenated PAH molecular ions in ELISA and in single-pass SU experiment

G. Gregoire (France): Excited State Dynamics of Protonated Molecules via Cryogenic Ion Spectroscopy

P. Lievens (Belgium): New storage ring, miniring and cryogenic under design at KU Leuven

R. Continetti (San Diego): Study of hypervelocity impacts of small massive nanoparticule

T. Azuma (Japan): detection of recurrent fluorescence photons

Chris Johnson (Stonybrook USA): Temperature-Controlled Ion Trap Synthesis of Relatively Complex Molecular Clusters

Sebastian George (MPIK Heidelberg): Internal dynamics of stored cluster ions

Roland Wester (Innsbruck): Ions molecules reactions and states- resolved photodetachement

J. Bernard (Lyon): Fragmentation and cooling of monomer and dimer of PAH

Gustav Eklund (Stockholm University): Laser phododetachment of stored OH^- ions: Rotational thermometry and cooling by depletion

B V Issendorf (Freiburg University): A storage ring in Tianjin

C. Meyer (MPIK Heidelberg): Laser probing and population distributions of stored ions

M. Stockett (Aarhus): Luminescence studies with trapped ions

S.B. Nielsen(Aarhus): Colors of isolated chlorophylls in vacuo

J.C. Poully (CIMAP Caen France): Probing Molecular Processes in Collagen Peptidic Models with Ionizing Radiation

L.H. Andersen (Aahrus): Ultrafast molecular dynamics studied in an ion storage ring

R. Antoine (ILM France): Fragmentation of single megadalton ions in a "Benner" trap. Is it useful yet ?

Michael Gatchell (SU Stockholm): Metal cluster anion decays ; Experiments at DESIREE and simulation

M. El Ghazaly (JPL US): An Electrostatic Storage Ring for Interdisciplinary Physics Research at JPL

Stephen Rosen (SU Stockholm): Progress report of the anion-cation zone at DESIREE

Patrick Wilhelm (MPI Heidelberg): The electron merged beam at CSR

Patrick Löfgren (SU Stockholm): Development at DESIREE

Jun Matsumoto (TMU Tokyo): Development of µE-ring

Reetesh Kumar Gangwar ( WI Israel): Evaporative cooling of molecular ions in EIBT

H. Cederquist: Electrostatic Storage Ring and Trap

Dan Hanstorp: Studies of excited states in atomic negative ions

X. Urbain: Recent developments in time-resolved multiparticle detection: the COBRA concept

Marco Rosenbusch (RIKEN Tokyo): Recent developments in multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrometry and its applications

Naoko Kono (TMU Tokyo): Inverse internal conversion of C4-

Hilel Rubinstein: First operation of the Weizmann cryotrap

Tsviki Hirsch: Caribo Multireflectron

Yuji Nakano: Development of RICE

Sebastian Menk: ESI-Pretrap for RICE

Li Chen: Colling of small PAH in Mini-Ring

Robert Moshammer: CSR reaction microscope

S. Tomita: Electron-large bio molecule interactions

Paul Campbell: Laser spectroscopy in cone trap for nuclear measurements